Predict and Trade the Market using Algorithmic Trading Software

With our book by Chris Vermeulen, Futures traders will be able to automatically analyze charts to find high probability trading opportunities to trade. As we know the market moves in wave like patterns which are factual. Our algorithmic trading software automatically identifies these patterns and actively trades them.

Algorithmic Trading SoftwareOur Algorithmic Trading Software Identifies:

• Multiple Cycles on Several Time Frames
• Current Trend Direction
• Current Momentum and Thrust Power in the Market
• Collapse or expansion in Volatility
• Market Sentiment as a Contrarian indicator
• Support/resistance

This is a must read for traders who want to learn how to profit on a consistent basis. If you want to understand how and why our algorithmic trading software operates so you are confident in how your money is traded be sure to buy our book and free offer newsletter.

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You’ve heard it many times that it’s probably becoming annoying and discouraging… That 95% of futures traders lose money, well that’s not the real truth.

The majority of those 95% will lose money, but a good chunk of them give up trading quickly because trading is not nearly as simple as it is made out to be.

If there is one thing most wealthy individuals and history teaches us is that fortunes are not made without knowledge, effort and in many cases having the right connections.

Most of these 95% you hear about, bought of subscribed to a newsletter or algorithmic trading software and tinkered with them. They bought a system or strategy, didn’t bother to really learn it and opened up an account and started trading. Let’s face it, who reads the manuals for anything we buy these days…

In a short amount of time, they had blown an account or even several.

Why are successful truly successful?

Because they saw futures trading as the serious and highly profitable business that it is. And most importantly they learned how to properly trade and follow the automated trading strategies or algo trading software in which they purchased.

Now, the bad news is that most people will not read a manual, take the some to truly master a trading strategy. The good news is that because we have worked with over 5000 traders since 2001 we know how to get you trading profitably and consistently.

Our algorithmic trading software by AlgoTrades is a now and automated trading system so all that is required is a brokerage account and to link our software with your account  and you are done. 100% hands free trading, done right, done by the rules.

Algorithmic Trading Software System