AlgoTrades Automated Trading System Update

Chris Vermeulen’s automated trading system for investors which just became available to new clients is off to a great start. Considering the strong results for this system, it’s not surprising that his ETF version of this system was such a huge success and became oversubscribed within its first month.

You can now access this same system with his automated futures trading system, and profit from the added leverage which futures provide.

Over the last 60 days clients of his automated investing system have pocketed over $3,500 in gains. What is really exciting about this is that the system runs 100% hands-free, no software, no monitoring positions. This system runs on the AlgoTrades servers and links directly into your brokerage account to execute and manage trades and positions for you.

Automated Trading System Chart


Automated Trading System 2014

Automated Futures Trading System Performance

Algorithm Trading Results 2014

The system is based on nine strategies and is constantly adjusting the way it trades and manages positions based on the trend, cycle analysis, volume flows, volatility and much more. The system is an all-in-one system meaning it can during a rising, falling an even as sideways range bound market condition.

Chris puts his money where his mouth is and takes every his trades in his personal account. As of last week, the AlgoTrades automated investing system can now be traded in your IRA account for maximum long term growth.

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