Automated futures trading system targets the masses

Automated Futures Trading System: Also known as algorithmic trading is under scrutiny due to the high-frequency trading programs connection to the flash crash that occurred in 2010. In reality, none of the futures trading systems is a high-frequency trading algorithm.

AlgoTrades, a start-up company, aims at offering the automated futures trading system for investors and individual traders. Currently, a team of professionals’ are working continuously sends 2008 in creating S&P 500 trading strategy that efficiently functions with a brokerage account. With the use of the future trading system, traders and investors will now possess the ability to run the algorithm related to the trading live on their account. The algorithm captures the weekly price fluctuations and the intraday data without the intervention of the user.

CEO of Automated Futures Trading System

“Investors are lining up to be a part of this new age investing model

in which money can be made in up, down and sideways market conditions,”

says Chris Vermeulen, founder of Technical Traders Ltd.

The automated futures trading from AlgoTrades is available from 17+ international brokers. Such availability makes it accessible to clients, irrespective of the location to setup the system with the help of the simple five-minute online signup procedure.

Investors and individuals who are interested in security exchanges such as traded funds and ETF’s will be fascinated to appreciate that they can now access the 3x leveraged trading product for the S&P 500 platform.

Automated Futures Trading System

Users of the automated futures trading system are likely to be individual investors who are in frustration and tired due to the fluctuating market conditions. These conditions also make it impossible for any financial adviser to help their clients and outperform the market. The entire process is tiresome and makes it difficult to receive maximum income in a year. Other people will be individual traders who are interested in testing the functionality of the system by using a specific portion of the trading account. Such people hold degrees, such as PhDs, academicians, homemakers, and moms. The quantitative trading system is useful for investors and individual traders who need peace of mind and understand that their hard-earned money is distributing at the right places.

Furthermore, AlgoTrades is working on a strategy that benefits planners, financial advisors, brokerage firms and agents to provide efficient service to their clients and abide by the regulations. Investors, brokerage firms and financial advisors will experience the futuristic trading system that triggers a shift towards the new age automated futures trading system. It enhances the trading capability, trade management and investment. The shift will result in a movement from the traditional assistance of financial advisors to a well-established, reliable and resourceful algorithmic trading, which will become the standard norm.