Algorithmic Trading Technology – Part II

Algorithmic Ttrading TechnologyIn my previous article about algorithmic trading technology I talked about my first choice for traders who are chartists and place trades manually. In this artice I want to share the reasons why I use the Ninjatrader algorithmic trading technology.

In short, Ninjatrader has built in algorithmic trading technology that virtually ever broker will support. This is important because if you are a quantitative trader using automated trading systems, Ninjatrader is a simple and the most reliable options to make your automated trading systems operate and trade directly in your brokerage account.

Because of this ninjatrader happens to rank among the most widely known of all dynamic industry standards for trade management and automated order entry.

Ninjatrader uses a specific type of algorithmic trading technology which is known and approved by most brokerage firms. And because of their unique trading technology coding the software requires very little computer power, it is lightening fast and is the most reliable algorithmic trading technology and software for quantitative systems traders like myself.

The efficiency and effectiveness of how Ninjatrader trades is the main selling point for the software. This is the main reason why retail and professional traders rely on Ninjatrader technology.

I only like Ninjatrader because of its trade management, other than that, it seems like and outdated, ugly, and more complex to learn trading platform.

I hope this helps in your search for an algorithmic trading technology platform.