Algorithmic Trading System Is Out Performing The Market

I hope you are having a great March so far!

The past month has be a great time to build position in the sectors and commodities starting new bull markets. All our silver and gold stock trades are sharply higher with huge potential long term. I cover these in my simple ETF trading newsletter.

So far the first month of are algorithmic trading system running or should I say Hands Free Trading with the AlgoTrades automated trading system has been amazing. All our clients have made $3,379 from when we opened the doors last month and we are in another winning trade now… Very Exciting!

Algorithmic Trading System Results

On another note, I am excited to announce that we will be opening the AlgoTrades ETF system in a few weeks because ETFs are more conservative and you have likely traded them in the past. Many others are asking for the ETF system to get started and comfortable with autotrading before moving into the Futures system, which is the SAME trades but with much more leverage.

If you want to making money trading while you are at work or travelling the world then be sure to checkout our system now and get setup: Algorithmic Trading System 

Chris Vermeulen
Founder of AlgoTrades Systems