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Chris Vermeulen
Founder & Investor

Algorithmic Trading System Developer

“It’s hard to know what’s for real and what isn’t in the financial industry, and it’s normal to be apprehensive at first when you find an investing system that looks promising or too good to be true. 

The truth is you are here because you are searching for a proven strategy that can make you more money, provide hands-free trading, and reduce stress related to your investing.

I’m proud to give you with the AlgoTrades Platform. All you have to do is select a trading system or systems and follow its trades via Email & SMS text alerts, or link our system to your brokerage account and AlgoTrades will autotrade and execute each trade directly in your brokerage account. Now you can make more money in both rising and falling market conditions.” Chris Vermeulen, AlgoTrades founder and system developer.

Average returns are calculated using the price of each instrument at the time a trade signal was triggered meaning actual execution price for users will vary a few cents for shares and may be off a couple ticks for futures contracts.  Our platform removes the standard brokerage commission fee from each trades results for accuracy.

AlgoTrades Preferred Broker let you AutoTrade multliple systems, and trade as often as you like for one flat monthly $99 AutoTrade fee for ALL Stock trading systems, ETF trading systems, and anyone trading with Interactive Brokers. Of course regular broker commissions apply, but being able to autotrade all you want and all system types (Stocks, ETFs, and Futures) makes the flat autotrading a must have!

If you want to autotrade a futures trading system and have a brokerage account at another compatible brokerage then there will be a $1.99 autotrade fee per futures contract trade. This is great for systems which trade less than 25 trades per month.
(Of course regular broker commissions apply.)