Collective2 Autotrading Review

Collective2 Auto Trading Review: Algoritham trading strategies Guide

Traders from the automated trading market can share techniques and results on the Collective2 or C2 forex network, which is a reflection trading or automatic signal trading system. 

Are you trying to find an intuitive trading platform that performs well and that is not a fraud? If so, then Collective2 review might be an excellent choice for traders like you! With over 19,000 active traders and a promise to deploy about 58,000 different strategies, it is no surprise that this is a well-known platform. 

With the assistance of Collective2 auto trading, a trading service, you can integrate your brokerage account and select one or more trading techniques to replicate your trading accounts. 

It is an automatic trading system that continually evaluates and rates innovative methods. Because of their lower investment criteria, regular monthly fees, and the idea that your investment resides in your account rather than with the manager of the hedge fund’s accounts. So Collective2 claims to itself as “anti-hedge financing.” 

Overview of Collective2:

Collective2’s social trading system employs a monthly subscription concept to link traders (Strategy managers) and investors (Followers) with monitoring and auto-trading capabilities. 

For a monthly subscription, the website allows investors to auto-trade (copy trade), enroll, and analyze independent trading methods with reasonable collective2 pricing.

Traders use their own tactics and are rewarded monthly based on the number of members they currently have. In order to make their trades open to interested investors and members, Collective2 looks to discover the finest trading talents.

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Collective2 Features

Collective2 Auto Trading Review: Algoritham trading strategies

In addition to being a partner of the CFTC and the NFA within the US, Collective2 was headquartered in New York in 2001. It is subject to strict supervision by both organizations. With one of the most restrictive legal firms in the field, this offers safe trading you can count on.

Using your own brokerage account and investment sums that feel at ease to you, the Collective2 Platform would enable you to trade hedge fund tactics. At the same time, the funds continue to be in your account and trade the asset revesting signals

The Collective2 clone trading system includes a number of essential features, such as:

  1. Pick from a variety of tactics to add to your account.
  2. You can always access the money in your collective2 broker’s account.
  3. You can start and stop at any moment.
  4. Headquartered in New York City and subject to US regulation.

Pros and cons of Collective2:

There are many advantages of c2 which collective2 alternatives do not offer. The pros and cons of using collective2 are as under:

Advantages of using collective2:

  1. Fulfills the requirements of professional investors and traders
  2. Transparency of the execution of the strategy with complete information and trade itemization
  3. No filings with the SEC or even other time-consuming procedures
  4. Trial runs that are entirely free, and a simulator is offered.
  5. Membership charges for auto trading on a monthly basis rather than trade charges
  6. Accountability and credibility are guaranteed through social trading capabilities like star reviews and customer-only feedback.
  7. Stocks, choices, commodities, and FX are among the various trading instruments accessible

Disadvantages of using collective2:

  1. Results are hypothetical 
  2. At the moment, more significant online brokers such as Ameritrade, Schwab, and Etrade do not provide automated trade.

Collective2 in comparison to other similar platforms

Like other financial inclusion platforms such as ZuluTrade and Etoro that are currently available, this platform functions on the same concept. 

Choosing and implementing a system developer will be necessary for you as a trader. The next step is to allocate a portion of your investment to trades that will only be duplicates or mirrors of those executed by that developer. 

You can choose how much cash you would like to give up in return for mirroring. Your allotted traded volume and the platform operator’s mirror trade price will be used to establish your profit or gain.

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How Collective2 Stands Out From Its Competitors

Since it offers stocks, options, futures, and both fx and foreign exchange, C2 is remarkable as just a “copy-trade” system. 

The majority of competitors just pay heed to futures and currencies. C2 is conceivably the most prominent social trading market with automatic trading functionalities. An excellent way to try out new things is with simulation accounts. 

The primary point of difference is the use of membership plans-based auto-trading as opposed to a per-trade pricing model. This keeps the SEC from being engaged and identifies C2 very explicitly as a membership platform compared to a broker-dealer.

Collective2 performance and profitability

Performance Of Collective2’s Auto Trading Strategies

Collective2 Auto Trading Review: Algoritham trading strategies

Through Collective2, a respectable selection of trading techniques are accessible. They are continually reassessing their strategies and introducing new ones that fulfill their minimum requirements. 

Different risks, trading styles, and trading tools are all addressed by strategies that can be customized to the interests of different traders.

The statistics that are most relevant to you can be sorted, and you can choose the strategies accordingly. There is no restriction regarding the number of strategies you can use. 

Every Collective2 strategy shows its performance over the duration of the entire time it has been operating. The fact that past performance does not guarantee performance level, however, must constantly be taken into consideration.

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How Much Money Can Be Made With Collective2?

You might be thinking, does anyone make money on collective2 and how much can you make on collective2? If you enquire, Collective2 is most probably not the best alternative for you. Consider the risk involved with trading. 

Both making and losing money are possible. The effectiveness of the tactics you choose is something other than what they can guarantee. It would be best if you only employed “risk capital,” i.e., the money you can afford to lose when employing Collective2 to trading.

Is Collective2 Good For Trading?

If you have strong performance and the financial capability to pay for the fees, C2 is an excellent value for money for traders. It is more challenging to build a crowd unless achievement is outstanding since the competition gets fiercer with more Trade Leaders. 

For investors, C2 offers an excellent price for memberships and simulator accounts. It is wise to be informed about underlying strategies and to keep a close eye on actions if auto-trading is something that you are considering about. 

In order to keep balanced, larger accounts should think about having multiple strategy portfolios, especially in economic slowdowns.


In sum, the Collective2 review provides an environment for social copying trade and a trading system that is simple to navigate and accessible. It is best for traders fresh to the marketplace or expert pros equally who are concerned with social and copy trading.

A practical option to choose when starting involves deciding whether to use a new trading system or one of the different trading tactics offered by Collective2. In light of this, they include a 14-day complimentary test period for strategy managers and a 7-day trial period for approaches for investors who sign up.