Automated Investing System for Individual Traders

How to choose an automated investing system

Automated investing is only as good as it’s core strategies. The question becomes, how to choose the automated investing system to meet your investment goals.

Before you jump right in and let any system do the trading for you, you must research the methods that the automated investing system uses. Transparency is the key. If the system doesn’t tell you it’s core strategies and investment fundamentals it is not to be trusted. As you would do due diligence in investing in a particular stock you must do due diligence in an automated investing system.

Two other important factors in determining the best automatic investing system for you are diversification and complete objectivity. The system must have the diversity necessary to provide a balanced investment strategy and it must be completely objective with investment growth as it’s only aim. Make sure that the system you use does not rely on gimmicks or market tricks but has a strategy that can win in all markets through sound investments. Additionally, be sure that the system is not a front for

AlgoTrade’s Automated Investing System

AlgoTrades’ automated investing system’s core strategies are on written in black and white. We believe that the key to a diversified portfolio is a two pronged approach. First, you must trade in the largest corporations covering the top ten market sectors. Second, you must employ a set of trading strategies that create one solid approach that can be successful in any bull or bear market. Our trading strategies include: trend following, counter trend trading and range bounce cycle trading.

Another aspect of AlgoTrades is that it will give you the confidence that you need in a trading system is that AlgoTrades is completely independent. We do not rely on commissions from brokerage firms and are not affiliated with any firms. The automated investing system that we have built is established on solid trading strategies that are focused on growth with no other ulterior motives.

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