AlgoTrades Brings Automated Futures Trading To The Masses


Automated Futures Trading

Automated futures trading, also known as algorithmic trading, has been scrutinized in recent years because of the high-frequency trading “HFT” quant programs that link to the flash crash in May 2010. But in reality, most automated futures trading systems are not high frequency at all.

Startup AlgoTrades, which will be available early in 2014, aims to provide automated futures trading available to individual traders and investors.

The company, which has been working on its new financial products since 2008, will provide S&P 500 automated futures trading strategies for anyone with a self-directed brokerage account. Individual investors and traders will now have the opportunity to have algorithmic trading systems running live in their accounts, capturing intraday and weekly price fluctuations without the client ever having to lift a finger.

Investors are lining up to be a part of this new age investing model
in which money can be made in up, down and sideways market conditions,
says Chris Vermeulen, founder of Technical Traders Ltd.

AlgoTrades automated futures trading will be available at 17+ international brokers, making it easy for all clients no matter their location and get things set up with a simple 5 minute online signup.

People who trade other securities like exchange-traded funds “ETF’s” will be happy to know they will have a 3x leveraged S&P 500 automated trading product as well.

People who will use AlgoTrades are likely going to be individual investors who are tired of riding the stocks market roller coaster and know their financial advisor is not really helping them outperform the market or generate maximum income each year, or the users will be an individual trader interested in testing a new type of investment with a portion of their trading account. These people could be a physics Ph.D.’s, other academics, or even stay-at-home moms. The AlgoTrades automated futures trading system is designed for those who want peace of mind knowing their money is working hard for them and do not have to worry about market downturns.

AlgoTrades is working on a way for financial advisors, planners, brokers, and brokerage firms to provide the service to their clients that abide by regulatory rules. As AlgoTrades becomes successful, it will trigger a shift in how investors manage and invest their capital. A movement away from financial advisors and towards performance-based automated futures trading will become the norm.


Chris Vermeulen