Professional Automated Trading System for ETFs & Individual Investors

AlgoTrades is excited to announce the opening of their SP500 index trading strategy as an ETF trading system. It has been the companies focus for the past few years to make this dream become a reality for their clients.

This automated trading systems company currently provides two trading systems. One is for the ES mini futures and the other is for ETFs known as exchange traded funds.

These trading systems are designed to allow the average investor to take advantage from the monthly stock market fluctuations which only the pro’s have been able to do consistently up until now.

These trading algorithms (automated trading systems) use multiple trading strategies within them. The trading systems breathe with the market, expanding and contracting with price action and volatility and is constantly adjusting its positions and money management rules to adapt with the current market environment.

AlgoTrades algorithmic trading system opens the doors to the smaller investor. Less capital is required to run the trading system in your account, and the trading system fee is much less than their futures trading system.

Because ETFs are widely understood my market participants, AlgoTrades expects the limited amount of seats for this system to fill up quickly.

This LFT (low frequency trading system) only places 30 – 40 trades per year focusing on the best trade setups while keeping trade commission fees minimal.

Founder of AlgoTrades Chris Vermeulen says:

“Know how some people make money during rising & falling markets?
Well, we provide clients with automated trading systems which does this for them.”

“We have a sophisticated system working on behalf of our investors, which creates profits by using both predictive tools and strict money management strategies in real-time. We are delighted to be offering this cost effective, easy to use, yet highly professional automated ETF trading system. It will appeal to the average investor who requires a common sense and well proven approach to making money in the stock market.”

Automated Trading System