Automated Trading Strategies Designer Debunks Day vs Swing Trading

Automated Trading Strategies: This week the official magazine of technical analysis “TradersWorld” published Chris Vermeulen’s work which talks about the misconceptions between day trading and swing trading.

This article cover a lot of great info…

Here is a snippet:

Traders tend to be gamblers at heart. They like the action and excitement that trading brings as they set out on the quest for big and fast returns. Having been in the trading industry myself for 16 years I get asked the same question all the time which is:

Automate Trading Strategies MagazineWhat is the best way to make money as a trader – day trading or swing trading?

There is a natural tendency for traders to gravitate towards day trading because of the fast-paced and steady stream of trades and excitement that it can provide each week. Because day trading can provide a steady stream of trades it is seen as an income opportunity/business opportunity that can potentially replace a full-time job. In short most individuals see it as an easy get rich method to reach financial freedom. But I think that line of thinking could not be further from the truth.

Let me share with you my experiences and opinions on both day trading which I did successfully for several years along with my swing trading.

There is no doubt that automated trading strategies for day trading can be highly profitable, but keep in mind it is not a quick get rich strategy. Most individuals do not realize the amount of work that is required to successfully day trade to earn a consistent weekly and/or monthly income.

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