Algorithmic Trading System Prospers from Market Collapse

In the past week the stock market has made some incredibly huge moves. Almost everyone was caught off guard as many of us technical analyst’s expected this to happen in late September or October, not during the historically slow and low volume time of summer which we are in now.

If you have been following me for any length of time then you know I have been warning about this first bout of selling which would kick start the next 8-18 month bear market in stocks.

See my recent analysis stating it was happening the day before it started and confirming the breakdown a couple days after:

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Aug 23rd – Global Selloff Begins and Is Far From Over: Click Here

While we have been patiently sitting on our hands waiting for this break down to confirm, we’ve been rewarded in several ways because we followed our proven algorithmic trading systems.

If you have gone through the updates and video posted above then you know exactly what to expect looking forward 3, 6, 12 months out so I won’t go into detail again here.

In short, my followers and I have had the comfort of knowing a crash like this was about to take place so we have been prepared or at a minimum mentally prepared for this crash we are experiencing now. This is only the beginning of what is to come in the next few months so don’t think you missed the boat, far from it…

Since my initial The Sky Is Falling Post on Aug 20th the S&P 500 index had dropped 9.26% in value in only 4 days. The move was quick, violent and caught most traders by surprise. The exciting news is that my AlgoTrades automated trading system ended up generating just over $1000 gain which is a 6.6% portfolio gain in just 4 days based on a minimum capital required to trade our system. That is a whopping 15.86% spread from what an investor or trader would have experienced if they did nothing but listen and watch the market fall as the news updates the public.


The exciting part is that the trading and gains were automatically traded by the system. It doesn’t matter if you were working your full time job, golfing, or on vacation. Our system actively manages and trades the market using proven and logical strategies for you. If you have not watched this short video that explains these systems you really should: Watch Automatic Trading System

I should share some words of caution about trading with our systems. They do trade futures which means trades are highly leveraged. And if you look at the profits and losses above per trade you will notice on any given day we could give back $1400+ in gains/losses. In fact, we will have larger loses at times but my point here is that losses will happen as its part of trading.

The recent volatility had been wild and not easy to trade to say the least, but the AlgoTrades System has handled the market exceptionally well in my opinion. The price swings we have experienced and the volume are not something we see every day, but rather once every year or so.



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Chris Vermeulen