Quantitative Investment Strategies – Getting Started

Quantitative Investment StrategiesIf you’re looking for a top quality quantitative investment strategies, then you will definitely want to take a look at what algotrades.net has to offer. Their quantitative investment strategies are full featured, robust, and offers true “hands free” investing, and their historic returns have been phenomenal. Of course, past returns aren’t a guarantee of future performance, but in the absence of a crystal ball, they’re the best indicator we’ve got.

This quantitative investing strategy is both agile and conservative in its nature, and is constantly being refined and tested in the background. They’ve got an astonishing 80% win rate, and focus 62% on long trades, with 38% of their attention on short trades. The ultimate goal of the system is to give you a way to profit during both a rising and falling market, and even during sideways markets it can manage and profit from range bound market volatility.


Advantages of Quantitative Investment Strategies With AlgoTrades

1) Precise timing and trade execution

2) Dynamic trades that adjust with market volatility

3) The ability to intervene whenever you desire

4) Your downside risk is controlled and monitored

5) Simple, automatic investing

AlgoTrades relies on three interconnected strategies to bring you the stellar results that it has to date. Those three interlocking strategies are:

1) Taking advantage of short term momentum shifts between overbought and oversold market conditions, which are traded using long and short positions allowing potential profits in any market direction.

2) Trend following, to take advantage of multi-month price movements in either direction, up or down.

3) Cyclical trading, which allows potential profits during a range bound sideways market. Some of the largest gains are encountered during choppy market conditions using this strategy.

Granted, quantitative investment strategies aren’t for everyone. For instance, the minimum recommended investment to get started is $50,000, and for the sake of diversity, you should keep a portion of your investment portfolio elsewhere. That’s a fairly high minimum threshold given that you can start other investment accounts for substantially less money, so again, this isn’t for everyone, but for those who are able to take advantage of all that their quant system has to offer, it can be a huge boon, and really take your investing to the next level.

Quantitative investing systems are the wave of the future. They are gaining in popularity each year. The day is coming when a majority of traders and investors will use such a system, and as we draw closer to that day, those investors who cling to emotionally driven trades will find themselves increasingly at a disadvantage. Why not join a company with a proven system that produces great results. A system that is constantly improving thanks to the ongoing back-testing.

Let us help you take your investing to the next level with our Quantitative Investment Strategies.

Chris Vermeulen