Is Your Automated Trading System Vulnerable To Heartbleed?

Automated Trading SystemAutomated Trading System: You may have already heard about the Heartbleed bug. If you haven’t, then in brief, a bug was found in the code for the secure socket layer (SSL) which allows websites to perform secure transactions. This bug allows hackers to slip past the secure socket layer protections and gain unfettered access to the sensitive transactional data of whatever site is un-patched.

As an automated trader, you know full well, the importance of data security. If you run an automated trading platform, you know even better than most how important such security is. Auto trading systems rely on trust. If you lose the trust of the people using your trading system, then you lose their confidence. If you lose their confidence, then you lose them as automated trader. They simply will not be back.

When most people think about the Heartbleed bug, they think of it in terms of eCommerce sites. Shopping online at Amazon or Target or even eBay, and it’s true that all of those sites are vulnerable to Heartbleed; but so are automated trading platforms. The last thing we want to see, either as traders or as site owners, is a breach of security that exposes our clients’ data, or our own proprietary data to theft.

Fixing this problem is easy. There is already a patch available that closes the security loophole created by Heartbleed. It is being made available free of charge and can be applied within minutes. The first thing to to is to check to see if your server is vulnerable. If someone is hosting your site for you, it’s as simple as asking the question of your host. If you’ve got your own server, then your IT folk will know.

Automated Trading System and Patches

If you’re already patched, then excellent! Great news and your data is secure once more. If you’re not, then you can be in about the same length of time it has taken you to read this piece. Do it for your own  peace of mind. And the peace of mind among users.

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