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Use this AlgoTrades Inside Investor Newsletter to kick start your year for investing, analysis and education on the SP500. Use the same analysis as described in my book “Technical Trading Mastery” Nothing beats current live examples of how to trade and invest!

A quick look at what you are in for by subscribing:

“This month we are pleased to provide this new newsletter format. It contains more analysis, forecasts and is more visual based for easy understanding of what is happening across all asset classed. Charts Speak Louder Than Words! The first image shows two cycles, the blue cycle is the stock market cycle that shows which sectors typically outperform during specific times of bull and markets in stocks. Here you will see that during the late stages of a bull market the safe haven plays become the preferred choice for investors – Energy and Precious Metals which is what we have seen of late. Typically, the stock market tops before the economic (business) yellow cycle. Why? Because savvy investors can see earnings starting to slow thus share prices will fall as investors see weakness in companies. The highly educated market participants start selling shares before the masses realize what is happening. The stock market usually moves 6-12 months before the economic cycle.”


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