Algorithmic Trading System Locks in Another $1100 Profit

On Jan 13th 2014 our algorithmic trading system took a long position in the SP500 futures trading contact. In less than 24 hours our algorithm system was able to identify resistance in the market the following session. This invisible overbought market condition which only our algorithmic trading system identified automatically sold 1/3rd of our long position for a quick $1100 profit and adjusted the protective stop to breakeven on the balance of the position.

Quick note: While this trade was executed on the ES mini futures contract using our futures trading system, we do have a 3x automated trading  system for ETFs. We know the most of our followers and the general public prefer ETF trading because they understand them more and have less risk. So we built this 3x automated trading system using the 3 times leveraged exchange traded funds.

As of today (Jan 15th) we are sitting with a risk free trade, $1100 in realized gains, and another $2400 in gains on the remainder of our position.

This type of trade setup has happened twice in the past 10 days. The first trade took $500 in profit and was stopped out the next day and now this trade.

Our algorithmic trading system trades the market using both day trading and swing trading strategies to be sure our risk and exposure are limited.

Take a look at the first leg of this trade below. We will continue to update as this trade unfolds for you to see it in action.

Algorithmic Trading System Live Example

Algorithmic Trading SystemChart


AlgoTrades is in the final stages of opening its doors to accept a small group of investors. We plan to open the doors before the end of January as scheduled. We will keep you posted.

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