Best Future Trading Software

Best Future Trading Software

Access to the best futures trading software is necessary for traders who wish to trade on a futures contract and execute agreements for oil products or other assets.

Selecting the right one for you is essential since they might include a broad range of extra resources to help you. It can assist you in trading commodities or futures contracts, such as company-level research or even other analysis tools. The best platforms for the futures exchanges will be covered in the sections that follow.

Best Future Trading Software:

One of the most complicated and dangerous assets traded today is a futures contract. This is due to the fact that an upfront purchase cost does not constrain losses suffered by holding the inappropriate part of a futures contract. Your profits or losses are a consequence of the contract’s closing, not before.

You may be set up for both substantial earnings and substantial losses as a result. One of the platforms discussed below might assist you in making the most of every asset, depending on your demands in the market. 

A financial advisor may also help you figure out whether futures trading suits your investing approach, time scale, and tolerance for risk. This is particularly significant if you’re a newbie investor or have a sizable sum of cash to invest.

Futures Contracts: What Are They?

Best Future Trading Software

The pledge to purchase or sell an item under specific circumstances is referred to as a futures contract. The cost and due date are agreed upon in advance. Since they may buy a product at a price lower than it is worth, futures buyers profit when prices surge.

As the price goes down, sellers benefit by reselling the item at a higher price than it is truly worth. The opposite side of the contract will encounter economic loss as a result of this framework. Yet, in contrast to a stock or options transaction, your potential losses may be significantly more significant than the sum you previously paid to invest.

The top six platforms for trading futures contracts are listed below:

  • Interactive Brokers 

Interactive brokers remain one of the finest futures brokers accessible, and many consider them leading. Although Interactive Brokers has a higher price label, they provide a great deal of value thanks to their outstanding desktop trading interface and reasonable profitability prices.

A futures contract may be exchanged, or any underlying asset can be evaluated thanks to their smartphone app. this also enables ordinary traders to use the platform and other essential trading tools. This means it is one of the best futures trading platforms for beginners.

For professional futures traders, this happens to be the best futures broker. Given its top-tier desktop trading platform for monitoring financial exchanges and trading futures contracts, it stays a favorite among engaged and skilled traders.

  • Optimus Futures

Optimus Futures is one of the best future trading software for futures contracts established in the United States. Futures traders will appreciate their incredibly cheap fees compared to others. Also, if you haven’t made any trades for a specified period of time, they won’t charge you an idling fee.

Due to its minimal fees and adaptability, this software is popular with consumers searching for a futures trading platform. For investors who want to trade futures contracts, there are multiple additional benefits, such as no inactivity fee and access to an outstanding client service team.

While a mobile app is enormously beneficial for day trading futures, some customers don’t appreciate the fact that there isn’t one. They will, however, need to seek a different futures brokerage for this reason.

  • TradeStation

No matter the trader’s level of expertise, TradeStation is without a doubt the most effective comprehensive futures trading software because it lacks any commission needs and a $0 account requirement. You can select between the TradeStation Go account and the TradeStation Select account. These are distinct pieces of software with simple registration methods. 

If you’re just looking to start, think about creating a TS Go account since the minimum investment is just 0. There is a 10 dollar commission for desktop users.

Since the TS Select accounts seem to be more thorough, it is particularly fit for skilled traders. In contrast, commission-free owns up to 10,000 stocks, and a least 2,000 dollars is required to get started. After that, you will begin to pay a 0.005 dollar commission on every share.

  • NinjaTrader

The NinjaTrader platform was created for professional traders who demand a wide range of technical indicators and graphing tools. Despite the fact that traders who use other brokers may also access ninjatrader’s capabilities, they benefit from their native brokerage.

With outstanding trading software and broker capabilities, NinjaTrader has been functioning for over 20 years. The number of interfaces with NinjaTrader and third-party programs is mainly oriented toward professional traders who seem to like them.

For basic features such as market analysis and plotting, the website is available for free when you have a paid plan. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay for the premium edition if you are interested in employing the more advanced methods and instruments for trading futures contracts.

  • TD Ameritrade

One of the most significant futures trading platforms is TD Ameritrade, which provides the following:

  • Outstanding client service.
  • Zero-cost trades.
  • Accessibility to impressive market analysis.
  • Top-notch learning resources for newbies.
  • Zero-cost money transfers.

Advanced traders generally choose TD Ameritrade as their favorite online futures broker. This is verified by the fact that people who have brokerage accounts with them have access to top-notch research and information tools. This is especially helpful for new traders who are interested in beginning trading futures and engaging in futures contracts.

Even experts may benefit significantly from this futures trading brokerage, as can traders of all levels of experience.


Even though E*TRADE is one of the most skilled brokers on this list, they now provide excellent mobile phone applications. Moreover, it also offers a comprehensive platform that lets you trade futures in addition to other stock market commodities.

The initiatives at E-Trade are 1.50 dollars per futures contract and are broken up between TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers. E-Trade remains an independent yet self-contained firm. 

E*TRADE has a strong brand recognition, which helps to its ongoing use as one of the most popular platforms by both experienced traders and newcomers. In regard to their great trading and advanced analytics tools, many customers like their high-quality mobile applications.

What to Expect for in Software for Futures Trading

Best Future Trading Software

You might be thinking what is the main platform for futures trading? Then no need to worry. Now you have to keep in mind the following factors when selecting a futures trading software. Consider the following characteristic features:

  • Availability

Software that is simple to use all over a variety of platforms, such as the web, mobile apps, and even pcs, is what you should consider. You have a few options. Thanks to this, thus you are not only confined to one platform.

  • Tools for creating graphs and charts

You must utilize charting tools and pay close attention to trading graphs if you want to trade effectively. Keep an eye out for a trading platform that has graphing and plotting tools and, if necessary, comes with instructional materials to help you understand.

  • Structure of fees

Choose a system that provides all the functionality you want at the most affordable price. Despite the fact that some platforms do have a few pricing categories, in most cases, discounted prices equate to fewer functions. The low-cost trading platforms have emerged for traders to use either alone or in cooperation with other applications.

Benefits Of Future Trading Softwares:

There are several benefits of using future trading software:

  • Speed: 

Future trading software can execute trades much faster than a human trader, which is essential in markets that move quickly. The software can rapidly analyze market data and execute trades at the optimal time.

  • Accuracy: 

Future trading software can process vast amounts of data and make complex calculations with high levels of accuracy. This can lead to better trade decisions and reduced risk.

  • Automation: 

Future trading software can automate many aspects of trading, such as order entry, position management, and risk management. This can save time and reduce the potential for human error.

  • Backtesting: 

Future trading software often includes backtesting features that allow traders to test their strategies against historical market data. This can help traders refine their techniques and make more informed trading decisions.

  • Customization: 

Future trading software can often be customized to suit the specific needs of individual traders. This can allow traders to create their trading strategies and tailor the software to their preferred trading style.

Overall, future trading software can be a powerful tool for traders looking to maximize their profits and minimize risk. However, it’s important to remember that no software can guarantee success in trading, and traders should always exercise caution and good judgment when making trading decisions.

How Much Does Trading In Futures Cost?

Best Future Trading Software

The asset you trade will determine the amount that a contract will charge. As low as 0.08 dollars is charged by Interactive Brokers for every Small Exchange futures transaction. 

Also, there are E-Mini and E-Micro contracts, and possibilities are easily obtainable. Each broker has a unique pricing model.

Before choosing a futures trading platform, take into account all expenses, such as commissions as well as any monthly platform or market monitoring charges that may be imposed by some brokers.

The minimum deposit needed to exchange futures contracts varies based on the online broker. The minimum deposit required by the majority of online brokerages is cheaper than 1,000 dollars. 

You must fill out a form for both futures trading permission as well as authorization for speculative trading before you may trade futures.

Can Futures Trading Be Profitable?

Due to the significant amount of leverage included in futures contracts, futures trading may be highly profitable.

 Also, they have the ability to drain your account of all money. Your comprehension of investing will impact your performance, your degree of dedication, and how efficiently you control the costs.

Before putting your hard-earned money at stake, we advise you to test paper trading futures in a digital portfolio; our top-rated providers that allow paper trading, such as TD Ameritrade and E*TRADE.

Is Trading In Futures Risky?

Futures trading is dangerous, and not everyone should partake in it. Not only does it include the use of leverage (margin) and highly unstable commodities, but there is also a chance that a person could be needed to provide or accept shipment of the underlying asset and settle the entire transaction value.

You may avoid having to physically deliver the goods or pay the transaction cost in cash, though, as long as you terminate your position before it ends.


Is a margin account required to trade futures?

A margin account is necessary to trade futures with an internet-based broker, but the leverage requirements vary from those for commodities. The sums can be as less as 3 percent of the contract. However, they will differ depending on the trading instrument.

What is the minimum amount you need to trade futures?

To trade futures, you do not require $25,000. Unlike day-trading stocks, which are subject to the Pattern Day Trader restrictions that necessitate stock day traders to keep a minimum account worth $25,000, such laws do not regulate aggressively trading futures. You may need to choose a broker who will let you trade, as each brokerage has its own basic requirements to get approved for trading futures.


Although there are several best future trading software that can be used for trading futures, the ideal one for you will depend on your trading style. 

NinjaTrader is a wonderful option for people who only trade futures since it has exceptionally cheap commissions (particularly for intraday trading), a comprehensive platform with excellent execution, and the capability to link to specific other trading platforms via third-party apps. 

Because it offers the most extensive market presence and discount offers, Interactive Brokers will be chosen by experienced and high-volume traders.

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