Our Algorithmic Trading System Just Got Better!

Automated Trading System

Automated Trading System

I am writing again to inform you of the many exciting opportunities you’ve earned by staying a loyal subscriber of AlgoTrades. I want to reward you for your commitment to our advanced algorithmic trading system, tools and solutions.

The good news is that AlgoTrades has been working on our upgraded, more advanced, Algorithmic Trading System that attempts to resolve the price trend rotation weakness of our current system.  And, as a means of showing our commitment to you, we are giving you a NO COST, FREE 6 MONTH EXTENSION so you can enjoy the benefits of our upgraded AlgoTrades Investor System.

Over the past eight months, the US markets have changed dynamics and this has resulted in the trading system having low trading activity and taking a few losses.  These were not unexpected trades/losses, they were, although, unfortunate.  The trading system did exactly what it was supposed to do throughout this market rotation – attempt to find opportunities and attempt to capitalize on them.  Throughout historical price action, there has rarely been an extended period of price action (greater than 6 months) like we’ve had recently.  One would have to go back toOctober, 1999 to find similar price activity.

We believe the new trading features of this system are vastly superior to the prior version.  We have added to our original momentum trend trading system with an advanced rotational trend trading system; meaning we are able to profit from rotation and trending, not just trending.  This improved trading system is designed to dramatically reduce drawdown, trade price rotation more effectively (as they occur) and can quantify and execute varying degrees of trade actions based on our proprietary momentum strategies.  The modifications we have implemented are designed to complement the existing AlgoTrades algorithmic trading system’s abilities.

The original version of our trading system traded trending markets very well, as was evident with our success within the first 6+ months of our trading and generate over $10,000 in profits or 20% gain based on a $50,000 portfolio.  As long as the market was trending well, the trading system provides fast, accurate, and low draw down winning trades. Once the price action became more rotational (changing its trend directly every other week), as we’ve seen now for over 8+ months, the original system began to take losses because the market did not having any follow through after a rotation in trend. This resulted in a trendless market not ideal for trading.

Algorithmic Trading System Designed for Volatile Market

The new and improved version of our trading system is specifically designed to identify and capture opportunities from price rotation (trend reversals), and uses specially developed quantifying abilities to determine appropriate trading actions.

As you can probably tell, we are very excited to give you this opportunity and we urge you to take advantage of our Free 6 Month extension and experience the difference this trading system will provide. Simply put, we value you as a client and we want you be successful with us.  That is why we are making this offer to you today.  We believe in what we are doing and the abilities of our trading system, so we are making an exceptional offer to you to continue for an extra 6 months FREE.

We will be releasing the new version on September 1, 2015 of the AlgoTrades V2 trading system.  Again, all our original AlgoTrades members get a FREE 6-monthextension and the opportunity to use V2 (at no cost).  We want you to experience the capabilities of our fantastic solutions and we believe you will be amazed at its abilities to profit from nearly any market condition.

If you are currently trading our system live, then you are not required to do anything. We will extend your subscription for another 6 months and on Sept 1st your trading system will be automatically upgraded to the improved V2 trading system.

Stay tuned, more good news next week!

Questions? Email: Info@AlgoTrades.net Toll Free: 1-844-692-5468

Talk soon,
Chris Vermeulen