Automated Trading System Celebrates Another Winning Trade 100% Winners

Last week while the stock market chopped around within its sideways range the AlgoTrades automated trading system changed its trading strategy to profit from a range bound market and made another $467 for its clients.

So far our automated trading system has won 100% of its trades and investors are up 9.8% on their portfolio. While the markets have been extremely difficult to trade the past three months, our hands free investing system has given our clients a total gain of $4882 in realized profits, which is a monthly income stream of $1,627.

The key to successful investing is to limit the amount of time your money is exposed to the market. Cash is king, and it’s also a position which most investors do not take. A profitable automated trading system is one that makes more money with the least amount of time that your money is invested in the market. You want a system that gets in, makes the low risk money, then gets back into cash. Not having to worry what the market does each day is a huge advantage and reduces portfolio volatility. This is exactly what the AlgoTrades automated trading systems do.

Compare the SP500 to Our Automated Trading System Exposure

Notice how the SP500 has been trading sideways since February, and the AlgoTrades Futures trading system has avoided holding positions during this time. Instead, it has traded the tight range entering during an oversold market trading near the lower end of its identified range, and quickly closing the position a few days later when price moved near the top of its range.

Best Automated Trading Systems

The AlgoTrades investing system is unlike any other trading system available. It is a LFT system (low frequency trading), which actively trades the SP500 index futures when risk is low and probabilities of winning are high. Our high probability trading strategies trade your money like a full time professional trader.

Traditional investing is to buy and hold, or to change maybe  a couple positions each year. But that no longer works well and it sure does not protect your capital or profit from a falling stock market. This automated trading system plays the monthly wave like patterns in the stock market to maximize gains, while reducing portfolio risk.

Investors are finally realizing that their money needs to be properly traded for growth and has flooded our automated ETF trading system with clients over the past couple months, and the reason it became fully subscribed last week. See press release:

We continue to keep our door open to new clients for our main and most profitable algorithmic trading system here.

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